A contemporary painting charged with meaning

In my paintings I express ideas, feelings obviously like many… but it does not stop there because it is only the beginning.
I want each painting to be able to live beyond the fashions, currents, conventions and rules dictated by good thinking!
My work, whether abstract, figurative or erotic, wants to be interpreted in multiple ways because I like to hear different and sometimes (especially) contrary visions.
This is all the power sought for a work that is not finished because it is a tool for reflection and a vehicle for those who linger, look, let themselves be taken beyond the image…

My painting is a “front door”


Sometimes dark, but always bright.

What strikes in the works of this artist, whether predominantly blue, red, or black, is that they almost seem to need no lighting, as if they had their own inner light

M.T. La voix du Nord . Lille . France